Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013 Movers and Shakers

The year in law startup funding....

February 2014
Ravel Law raises $8.1M in funding.

January 2014
In early January 2014, Los Angeles law startup grandpa LegalZoom made a $425M deal to sell roughly half of the company to a private equity firm, thereby giving up on its IPO dreams. PandoDaily has an extensive analysis and reaction here. Apparently the Los Angeles startup scene is underwhelmed.

December 2013
Late November 2013, newcomer NYC-based Shake Law raised $3M.
Intuit acquires small-business document repository LA-based DocStoc.
SF-based LawPal raises $400K.

October 2013
Y-Combinator's first law startup LawDingo (NYC) received more funding, raising $850K to date.
SF-based Y-Combinator startup Wevorce raises $1.7M.
SF-based Upcounsel raises $1.5M.
Y-Combinator backed Casetext raises $1.7M

July 2013
LegalReach raises $900K.

June 2013
CBInsights releases study on funding of legal tech startups

May 2013
SF-based Judicata raised $2M from investors, including Peter Thiel of Paypal
Lex Machina closes $4.8M Series A funding
RocketLawyer acquires LawPivot, raises $15M

April 2013
Wevorce and LegalForce give law startup demos

March 2013
Y-Combinator accepts its first law startup LawDingo

February 2013
LegalForce opens it's walk-in office

It sounds like a few other deals are in the works for this year, so we hope to hear publicly soon. 2014 should be an interesting year for law startups!

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